33 Graded ESL EFL Free Listening Audio Tracks – Graded Levels

Free ESL Lessons Free pdf exercisesThere are 33 graded ESL listening tracks in this package.

I have used these listening audio files for years because they are so easy to use at any time, and are graded from beginner to advanced. They allow two skills to be put to use at the same time – listening comprehension and good old fashioned dictation.

In class, I dictate the questions to check for accuracy before playing a listening track. However, they can be used by students, as there is a separate question sheet as part of the pack.

The accents in this package are all US but range from mild to reasonably strong. As I am not American, I find it very useful to give my students a change of accent in class.

If you are a teacher or a learner, I’m sure you’ll find these listening tracks an extremely valuable learning/teaching resource.

As a footnote: I found these listening tracks over ten years ago. They were produced by a university in Ohio, but they do not seem to be available on the Internet any longer. So I have made them available on the premise that there were originally made available on Creative Commons rights.

Be patient, as the audio file is quite big, so it may take a while to download.

Click the link above to download this material for free.

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