Free ESL Lesson Plan – Personal Information – Advanced

Free ESL Lessons Free pdf exercisesPersonal Information – Advanced

This is one of my favourite lessons, as it is suitable for both FCE (B2) and CAE (C1) levels and takes no preparation time at all. However, it is a highly productive lesson, where you can uncover many basic errors that students still make at these higher levels. Start by having students ask you the interview questions, by using direct questions. The question topics are designed to cover almost all tenses and basic grammar structures. When they have finished, and perhaps after you corrected a few, or a lot of basic errors, start again, but now have the students use indirect, or polite question forms.

This is actually a long controlled practice stage, before letting the students work in pairs to interview each other.

The lesson can be graded for students in the early stages of preparing for the FCE, by leaving out the indirect question form.

Click the link above to download this material for free.

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