Nothin’ But Blue Grammar

Blue GrammarNothin’ don’t tell tell the blues like bad grammar. Now I ain’t gonna say that no one don’t know like me, ‘cause they do. Don’t they? If it ain’t gonna do you no good, it’s the blues. Didn’t John Lee tell us right.

My baby she gone, she been gone two night
I ain’t seen my baby since night before last
One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer

Damn it won’t ‘ya, I ain’t believin’ my eyes. Who don’t need articles ‘n prepositions ‘n spellin’. John Lee didn’t. Didn’t need no plurals too.

They gon’ take you right down
By the riverside
Now four is goin’ down
Ain’t but three comin’ back
You read between the line
We’re gonna have a deal

Don’t ‘ya just love it. You know, I mean t’ say, if that ain’t magic in ‘dem words, I don’t know where else you’d be findin’ magic like that.

I ain’t thinkin’ that this is wrong. No, fact is, I been thinkin’ that there ain’t been enough blue grammar in litritcha. You know, them book things. I’m supposin’ to write more usin’ this. Now don’t go gettin’ all crazy on me and tellin’ me I don’t know nothin’. Cause if I ain’t been listenin’ to John Lee and Muddy and BB for near gone fifty years, I ain’t been doin’ nothin’. I didn’t study blue grammar this long for you to tell me I can’t. So don’t.

If my dog done died, and I my missus done left too, then it ain’t gonna be you cryin’ for me hey honey bee? All my money done gone, and nothin’ ain’t goin’ right too, ‘cept my grammar in negative blue.

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