On Self Publishing by Derek Haines

On Self PublishingOn Self Publishing

This is not a definitive guide about how to self-publish or how to write to make money. It is an insight for those new, or relatively new to self-publishing and who have a passion for writing. By reading this book you will hopefully find sound advice, helpful hints, advice and at times even a laugh.

It is a selection of memories, experiences and advice written by author, Derek Haines, over a period of five years, as he came to grips with self-publishing, print-on-demand, ebooks, Kindles, iPads, social media, technology and instant communication with his readers. He began what he didn’t know was going to later be called self-publishing in the early nineties, due to his good fortune of being both a writer and working in the printing industry. Yes, he wrote and printed his own books before the Internet, technology and Amazon made it possible for everyone.

Much later, he grasped the opportunity that blogging provided and began recording his thoughts, frustrations, experiences, disappointments, successes and opinions about self-publishing and writing over a period of almost six years. The Vandal, which is the name he used for his blog, ad is still visited over 3,000 times a day, even though he decided to slow down a little on the frequency of his blogging over a year ago.

What follows in this book is a collection of the thoughts of Derek Haines, aka The Vandal, on self-publishing. They have been ordered chronologically from 2009 through to early 2013, and by doing this, it is possible to understand the phases he went through and often, the indecision, conflict or changes of mind that he had as he navigated the new opportunities and pitfalls that electronic self-publishing offered. From time to time there are entries on the same topic, but it is interesting to note the changes in his attitude, due to his experiences.

Learn, understand and enjoy, ‘On Self Publishing’.

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