N. E. Wood : Police Don’t Move!

Police Don't Move!Police Don’t Move!


Ride along in the patrol car as we see hear and feel the reality of life on the streets as a police officer on the Gold Coast – Australia’s glitter strip. Meet the mad, the bad … and the sad, in all their glory. Be amazed at the rat like cunning, the guile – and of course the abject stupidity of offenders as they cross this talented author’s path.



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  1. Nick Wood

    Hi, Nick the author of POLICE DON’T MOVE! here. Thanks so much for featuring my ebook.

    I’d say it’s a great read … but then I am hopelessly biased, after all.

  2. Charlotte Louise

    I thoroughly enjoyed this e-book – Police Don’t Move. I love all things true crime, so Police Don’t Move was my cuppa-tea . I enjoyed the episodic nature of each of the stories of Nick, the authors, shifts on the streets of Australia’s notorious Gold Coast . Some of the tales of idiotic criminals had me laughing others made squirm to the edge of my seat. I would recommend this e-novel to anybody who enjoys a bit of light true crime.

    I purchased and downloaded Police Don’t Move from http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BJRLDJA. I use a PC so I just downloaded Kindle Reader, it was a breeze. I’m an avid reader and have just started getting into e-books.

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