Steven Nedelton : The Raven Affair

The Raven AffairThe Raven Affair

Taut, engaging, and supremely well written, The Raven Affair is a superb instant classic. With more than its fair share of break-neck action and mind-numbing suspense, author Steven Nedelton’s compelling thriller is a fast-paced page turner, the literary equivalent of such silver screen jewels as the Bourne series.

Further bolstering the high-stakes mystery tale is a highly believable central storyline of murder and mayhem in the name of global domination – quite the tantalizing fodder for fans of complex narratives involving intricate conspiracy theories brought to vivid life on the page.

With nonstop action and intriguing, well defined characters, The Raven Affair is a bona fide literary thrill ride guaranteed not to disappoint. Highly recommended.




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  1. Marta Merajver-Kurlat

    Because I’m a writer, I’m very difficult to please as a reader. I always find the glitches and raise my eyebrows. It’s not that I’m looking for them, but that I cannot avoid noticing them.
    What I must say about “The Raven Affair” is that my writing self is in abeyance. I’m absorbed in the plot, want to know more about the characters, and wonder how it’s going to end. But of course, at the same time, I don’t want it to end. A wonderful read for which I’m truly thankful!

    1. Steven

      Thx, Marta…I hope you’ll like it…


  2. Irma Fritz

    The Raven Affair sounds like just the type of thriller I like. Look forward to reading it!

    1. Steven

      Thx very much, Irma…

      My best,

  3. Yves Johnson

    Simply put…this is a good read. I was most amazed by his ability to have the reader feel like he’s sitting there with the people. This author obviously is talented and highly recommend it.

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